uva gym membership and indoor pools


UVA Rec is the obvious choice for the UVA Community. With four full gyms, two pools, the Climbing Center and Outdoor Adventure; UVA Rec is convenient and affordable. See below about a FREE 2-week trial membership!


Who We Are

We are passionate about providing first-class recreation for the University community. Membership is available to anyone affiliated with UVA and their families who want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and recreational sports teams, exercise instruction and wellness services. Members have access to all recreation centers and enjoy discount program registration fees.

Your Benefits

The benefits of exercise and recreation are well documented from increasing energy and improving heart health to sleeping better and focusing your mind. Your UVA Rec membership gets you access to all recreation centers including the Climbing Center. Join UVA's fitness community today.

Recreation Centers

The University's commitment to health and wellness is clearly seen in the four recreation centers on grounds. You are never far from the good feeling of a workout. We have 4 facilities with cardio/strength equipment indoor basketball courts, 2 pools, 2 indoor tracks, indoor soccer, racquetball and squash courts, indoor and outdoor volleyball, a combat room, climbing center and the list goes on. And that's not even talking about the numerous outdoor courts and grass/artificial fields. If you want to get active, we've probably got what you're looking for.

Eligibility & Rates

Ask About our FREE 2-Week Membership! Anyone eligible for a UVA Rec membership (Faculty/Staff/Student Spouse/Contributing Member of Alumni Association/Affiliate) can redeem two free weeks to give it a try. Students who just graduated are eligible for the Just Graduated membership. 

  • It includes access to all recreation facilities and Group Fitness classes
  • Call 434-924 3791 to activate
  • Limited to one per person

Students During The Summer

Students not enrolled in summer classes and spring graduates must purchase a Summer Recreation Membership to have access between during the summer. OR work for us and get a FREE summer membership!

  • Weekly pass: $20
  • Summer 1: $50
  • Summer 2: $50
  • Full Summer: $90
  • Just Graduated (non-renewable): 1 month $50 | 3 months $90

Please call 434-924 3791.

Students During The Academic Year

Full-time, current students are automatically members through student fees. Full-time students may also sponsor additional individuals for membership:

Faculty Staff & Retirees (Health System included)

UVA Faculty & Staff, and retirees, are eligible to purchase a membership. The University subsidizes $50 for current, full-time employees on one-year memberships as part of their benefit package.

  • Current Faculty & Staff: $350/annual (includes HR subsidy); $160/quarterly
  • Retired Faculty & Staff: $400/annual; $160/quarterly
  • Part-time Faculty & Staff: $400/annual; $160/quarterly 

Faculty & staff may sponsor additional individuals for membership:

  • Spouses*: $400/annual or $160/quarterly
  • Plus One**: $400/annual or $160/quarterly
  • Dependent***: $400/annual or $160/quarterly
  • Youth: $75/annual Age 17 & under (Youth & Family Recreation Policies)


UVA Alumni Association Contributing Members are eligible to purchase a membership.

  • $450/annual
  • $320/6-months
  • $180/quarterly 

Alumni Contributing Members may sponsor additional individuals for membership:

  • Spouses*: $450/annual or $320/6-months or $180/quarterly
  • Plus One**: $450/annual or $320/6-months or $180/quarterly
  • Dependent***: $450/annual or $320/6-months or $180/quarterly
  • Youth: $75/annual Age 17 & under (Youth & Family Recreation Policies)

Affiliates, Visitors, & Guests

University Affiliates & Visitors

  • Employees of UVA Foundations and other organizations that directly support the University may be eligible to purchase a membership.
  • Visitors to the University may be eligible to purchase a membership for 1-week, 2-weeks, or 1-month.
  • Contact the Business Office at 434-924 3791 for details on affiliates and visitors. 

Member Guests

  • Members may sponsor personal guest(s) on a daily basis by purchasing a facility guest pass ($10 for adults age 18 & up; $6 for youth age 17 & under).


Q:  Can I do payroll deduction?
A:  Yes! Simply submit this payroll deduction form.

Q:  How does parking work?
A:  Monday–Friday, 7:30 AM–5:00 PM, members parking in metered spaces must pay through the ParkMobile app or by calling 877-727-5758. Parking varies for each facility.

Q:  Do you offer lockers for member’s use?
A:  Yes. Each facility has free day use lockers and rental lockers available. Locker availability varies for each facility - get the details.

Q:  Do you offer a towel service?
A:  Yes. The AFC and NGRC rec centers offer $1.00 rental towels. For member’s convenience, towel cards are available for purchase (sets of 10) in advance, to be redeemed using member ID.

Q:  How do I know when your facilities are open?
A:  Facilities operate on semester and break schedules according to the University academic calendar. Get current schedule information and announcements online.

Q:  Are Group Fitness classes included in my membership fee?
A:  In an effort to keep membership costs as low as possible, the cost of Group Fitness is separated from the membership fee. You only pay for Group Fitness if you use it.

Q:  How do I register for programs and activities?
A:  Registration requirements vary. Options include online, visit our Business Office or call 434-924 3791.

Q:  Can I bring a guest?
A:  Yes, UVA students and UVA Rec members are able to sponsor a guest. Guest passes are $10.

Q:  Does my infant need a youth membership?
A:  Children under 6 months do not need a youth membership to access UVA Rec facilities. Children between 6 months and 17 years may purchase a youth membership.

Membership Add-Ons

In order to keep membership rates low, the following services and activities are an additional cost:

Fill Out the Payroll Deduction Form

* Spouse - if student and spouse don't share the last name, proof of marriage is required.

** Plus One - one adult (age 18 & up) who resides in the same household as the sponsor.

*** Dependent - ages 18–26 still claimed as a dependent on sponsor's taxes.

Sign Up For Membership

Take care of yourself so that the best you is present in your life. You don't have to go far...we're right here with first-class recreation that is as fun and diverse as you are! Our community is our greatest benefit. Let's take care of each other.

Call our Business Office at (434) 924-3791 Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm