Facility Use

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General Facility Use

  • All participants shall adhere to published University and Recreation policies, regulations, and guidelines in addition to local, State and Federal laws.
  • All participants assume personal liability for informal recreational use of indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • The use of UVA Rec indoor and outdoor facility spaces will not be permitted if any of the following apply: 1) unlawful; 2) discriminates per the University's Notice of Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity; 3) disrupts academic activities, scheduled events, University functions or other normal pursuits that take place in the area; or 4) use for the intent of personal gain or profit.
  • UVA Rec is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property while using indoor or outdoor facilities. The University assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property of the User, its employees, agents, representatives, team members, or invitees.
  • Use of indoor and outdoor facility spaces & equipment other than for its designed and intended function is prohibited. Non-designated use or failure to abide by any policies may result in the loss of future access to UVA Rec facilities.
  • All participants using indoor or outdoor facility space will be held financially responsible for any special cleanup, maintenance or repairs resulting from the event or activity.
  • Participants are responsible for tidying recreational space following use; remove trash & food debris and replace any moved equipment.
  • UVA Rec must pre-approve the method of placing decorations, exhibits, signs, and displays in recreation spaces and outdoor fields. Doorways, corridors, staircases and fire exits cannot be blocked or obstructed. Decorations may not be attached to ceilings, light fixtures, walls, doors, floors, woodwork, windows or other surfaces unless pre-approved by UVA Rec. No glue, tacks or nails are permitted on walls, fences, trees and other plants, doors, floors, ceilings, glass or woodwork.
  • Any activity deemed combative by the University of Virginia shall be prohibited in all UVA Rec facility spaces.  Combative activities are defined as, but are not limited to, activities with the main purpose of striking an opponent with parts of the body, striking an opponent with an object, throwing an opponent, etc.
  • Compensated or voluntary instruction using UVA Rec spaces is not permitted without advance written approval from the Recreation Department. Instructors assume all liability of participants for approved instruction.
  • Direct advertising, sales and commercial solicitation by affiliated and unaffiliated persons are not permitted on University property or in University facilities, including University Housing. Student groups or organizations may, however, engage in promotional and fundraising activity if such activity does not disrupt University business, generate security issues, duplicate services or goods provided at the University, block sidewalks or roads, impair the aesthetics and integrity of University property, or generate personal profit for individuals.
  • All participants are required to wear appropriate exercise attire and footwear at all times on indoor and outdoor facilities. 
  • Use of amplified sound requires advanced advance approval. The UVA Rec sound system is not available for individual and group use.  Headphones must be used while listening to personal devices in open areas (fitness rooms, gymnasiums, etc.).
  • Use of tobacco, e-cigarette, alcohol and drugs are prohibited on all indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.
  • Participation in UVA Rec programs or use of facilities will be considered permission for the UVA Rec department to photograph, film, audio/video tape, record and/or televise your image and/or voice in any publications or promotional materials, in any medium without restrictions. To opt out, simply inform our photography staff.
  • Professional grade cameras and video equipment are not permitted without prior approval. Video or audio recording, taping or photography using any type of device in locker rooms, dressing areas, changing rooms, drying areas, showers and restrooms is strictly prohibited.
  • The University Recreation Department reserves the right to amend policies and retains authority to make final decisions on rule enforcement.

Indoor Facility Use

  • All participants must be age 18 or older to utilize fitness equipment or occupy strength and conditioning/cardio areas.
  • Props such as chairs, canes, poles, etc. that could cause damage to flooring are not permitted. Tape and other marking devices are not permitted on the walls, floors, or furniture.
  • The following Olympic lifts are prohibited: snatch, clean & jerk and derivatives of these exercises. UVA Rec reserves the right to prohibit any exercise based on maximizing safety for all users.
  • Dropping or slamming dumbbells and other weights is prohibited.
  • Lifting chalk and other derivatives are prohibited.
  • Footwear that will mark or damage flooring surfaces is prohibited. Boots, turf, deck or soft-soled shoes are not allowed on indoor court surfaces. 
  • Closed-toed shoes are required in all weight rooms and cardio-rooms. 
  • Elevation Training Masks are prohibited.

Outdoor Facility Use

  • Glass containers are prohibited on all outdoor facilities & fields and in locker room spaces.
  • Due to user safety and sanitation, pets are prohibited on outdoor playing surfaces (fields and courts).  Pets on adjacent field and court spaces must comply with the University leash policy.
  • Metal cleats are prohibited on synthetic turf fields. 
  • Wheeled vehicles (skates, blades, scooters, etc.) are not permitted on outdoor courts and fields
  • Golf and other activities that may damage fields are prohibited.
  • Movable Soccer Goals Safety Act requires the use of anchors on all full-sized soccer goals and recommends counterweights to be use on all sporting goals. All goals are required to be used as recommended by the manufacturer. For questions about manufacturer recommended use, please contact the facility manager or refer to the manufacturers label affixed to equipment. UVA Rec provides counterweight anchors for sporting goals.
  • UVA Rec reserved the right to close and cancel activities on all outdoor facilities and fields in the event of inclement weather (rain, standing water, snow, lightning, etc.). 
  • All outdoor activities should be stopped if lightning is present.  Seek shelter in a substantial building or hard-topped vehicles; wait 30-minutes after storm to resume activities.