Fusion IM FAQ

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If you have questions about Fusion IM, your team or any other Intramural Sports question, you can email intramurals@virginia.edu. This address is the best way to contact IM Sports, as this inbox is checked daily. We will respond as quickly and efficiently as possible!

How do I log in to Fusion IM? 

1. Visit the Fusion website: www.go.recsports.virginia.edu 

2. Click “Log-In” on the upper-right corner of the screen

3. Log into the system using your NetBadge username and password

My log-in isn’t working. Can you fix it for me?

Unfortunately, UVA IM Sports cannot fix your log-in information. Fusion IM uses your NetBadge username and password to log-in to the system. 

My team name got changed. Why did this happen and how can I change it back? 

Your team name might have been changed because UVA IM Sports deemed the name to be inappropriate, or another team may have registered with the same name. UVA IM Sports reserves the right to change any team name it finds inappropriate. If you would like your name changed to something else, please contact UVA IM Sports at intramurals@virginia.edu

How can I delete my team? 

If your team is no longer able to play, contact intramurals@virginia.edu and we will assist you.

How do I default my game for tonight?

You can DEFAULT your game via your game cards OR email intramurals@virginia.edu. REMEMBER, you must default your game by 4:00PM on the day of your game! Games on Saturday or Sunday must be defaulted by 4:00PM on the Friday before.

How do I find the playoff bracket?

Once playoff brackets are ready, you will receive an email from UVA IM Sports letting you know brackets are ready and posted. To view the brackets follow the steps below:
1. Log into Fusion IM
2. Click “Rankings” under the Fusion IM tab
3. Once in the “Rankings” page, use the filters at the top of the page to find your sport, league and division.
4. The bracket will appear at the bottom of the screen once you have applied the appropriate filters.