Fusion IM Terms and Definitions

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League - Leagues are the groups you play in. You will see leagues denoted as Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, Open and Fraternity. 

Division - Day and time of your regular season games. These are the time slots you register your team for. Divisions exist within leagues. Note: If you email intramurals@virginia.edu please include your division - this makes finding your team easier and faster.

Team Card - Team Cards appear as soon as you click on “My Teams” under the Intramural Sports tab. These cards contain information about your team like the league and division you are registered for. You can view your games here and also view your confirmed and pending rosters.

Game Card - Game Cards contain important information that you and your team need for all of your games. The game time, date, place and opponent are all found here. 

Sportsmanship - Each team is given a sportsmanship rating at the conclusion of each game. The officials and Intramural Sports Supervisors determine this rating on a range of factors from the game that was just played. You can view your past sportsmanship ratings and scores in your Game Cards.

Forfeit - “Forfeiting” your game means you did not let IM Sports know ahead of time that your team would not be able to make their scheduled game. Your team will receive a loss on their record AND your sportsmanship rating will be negatively affected.

Default - “Defaulting” a game means you’re letting us know ahead of time that your team will not be able to attend their scheduled game. Your team will receive a loss for the game, your sportsmanship rating will go unaffected and your team will not be charged with a forfeit. Click the “Default” button located on your Game Card or by contacting intramurals@virginia.edu.

Ejections/Suspensions - Players, teams and spectators can be ejected before, during or after any Intramural Sports event for various reasons. If one of your players or teams is ejected or suspended from Intramural Sports activities, you must meet with the Director and/or Assistant Director of Intramural & Club Sports. You will be unable to register or accept invitations via Fusion IM if you have been ejected and/or suspended.