Playoff Draft

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1. All teams are eligible for the playoffs provided they meet the following criteria:

  • At least a 2.67 Sportsmanship Rating
  • Have no forfeits 
  • Be in good standing with UVA Intramurals

In some league sports, playoff brackets will be broken into Comp and Rec Divisions when possible.

2. Playoff Draft Details: 

  • You will receive an email from Fusion IM with draft details and a link to the playoff bracket  
  • You will have 1 minute to pick your spot
    • Your team may select any open spot
    • You can move your team to any open spots as many times as you would like while the draft is live
    • If you miss your selection time, you may pick any existing open spot as long as the draft is live
    • Please be aware of your potential path through the bracket. Make sure your team can make games that are scheduled during the later rounds
    • If you are unable to pick your spot by the end of the draft, UVA Intramural Sports will randomly place your team in the bracket

3. Log in

  • Log in to your Fusion IM account as you normally would
    • ONLY THE CAPTAIN can select the team’s spot in the playoff bracket
    • You will access the Draft through the “My Teams” option under the “Intramurals” tab or the “Intramural Sports” icon