The Value Recreation Adds to Virginia

Value of Recreation

Recreation programs and services enhance the student experience in many different ways and evidence continues to demonstrate the degree to which various forms of recreation influence multiple, student-related outcomes.

Academic Success

Recreation is an integral component of the student experience that develops and reinforces the personal characteristics which lead to academic success.

Professional & Leadership Development

Participation and employment in recreation serves as a potent vehicle through which transferable jobs skills are developed and prepares students for success in the recreation profession and other fields.

Diversity & Inclusion

Recreation provides inclusive spaces and programs that facilitate exposure to people of different backgrounds and the building of connections within and between underrepresented populations.

Recruitment & Retention

Participation in recreation as well as the availability of recreation programs and facilities are factors that influence student matriculation and graduation.

Engagement & Belonging

Recreation provides individuals with the opportunity to build and belong to a community and engage with others.

Physical Health

Recreation participation leads to the development of lifelong, physically active habits and improved health outcomes for participants.

Mental Wellbeing

Recreation provides opportunities to engage in activities that support and enhance the mental and emotional wellbeing of participants.